New Developments in Principal Preparation: Standards, Pedagogy, and Outcomes

Program and Speakers

Powerful Learning Experiences in Educational Leadership Preparation: Insights from Educational Leaders, Leadership Students, and Faculty

  • Kathleen Cunningham
  • Michelle Young

Addressing the Urgency of Principal Competency Development: A Needs Assessment of Educational Administration Pedagogies

  • Sara Dexter
  • Daniel Moraguez
  • Davis Clement
  • Paper

Leadership Preparation Program Qualities and Graduates’ Career Intention

  • Jiangang Xia
  • Yongmei Ni
  • Diana Pounder
  • Andrea Rorrer
  • Michelle Young
  • Paper
  • Slides

Towards a Theory of Critical Consciousness: A New Direction for Educational Leadership Programs

Digital Discussant

  • Erin Anderson