The ISLDN: Project Findings and Implications for Future Studies and Collaborative International Research

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Program and Speakers

  • Participant: Betty Alford
  • Participant: Pamela Angelle
  • Participant: Helene Ärlestig
  • Participant: Mette Baran
  • Participant: Bruce Barnett
  • Participant: Christopher Branson
  • Participant: Karen Bryant
  • Participant: Christine Forde
  • Participant: Kristine Hipp
  • Participant: Stephen Jacobson
  • Participant: Fiona King
  • Participant: Paul Miller
  • Participant: Michele Morrison
  • Participant: Katarina Norberg
  • Participant: Nathern Okilwa
  • Participant: Ian Potter
  • Participant: Elson Szeto
  • Participant: Deirdre Torrance
  • Participant: Glady Harpen
  • Digital Discussant: Jami Berry