The ISLDN: Cross-National Studies of Social Justice Leaders and Leaders in High-Need Schools

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Program and Speakers

  • Participant: Björn Ahlström
  • Participant: Betty Alford
  • Participant: Rosario Ambriz
  • Participant: Parker Andreoli
  • Participant: Serafin Antunez
  • Participant: Khalid Arar
  • Participant: Keneisha Harrington
  • Participant: Britt-Inger Keisu
  • Participant: Hans Klar
  • Participant: Michael Lopez
  • Participant: Julia Mahfouz
  • Participant: Brian Maytorena
  • Participant: Claudia Navarro
  • Participant: Deniz Örücü
  • Participant: Blanca Silva
  • Participant: Charles Slater
  • Participant: Chetanath Gautam
  • Digital Discussant: Bruce Barnett