STEM, Educational Leadership, and Opportunity to Learn

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Program and Speakers


Beyond Tracking: Opportunity to Learn and Diminished Math Outcomes for U.S. High School Students

  • Meredith Wronowski
  • Margaret Thornton
  • Bita Razavi-Maleki
  • Angelica Witcher
  • Handouts
  • Slides

Developing Educational Leadership in Mathematics and Science

  • Virginia Snodgrass rangel
  • Kathleen Cunningham
  • Chad Lochmiller
  • Slides
  • Paper

Logics of Educational Technology: Educational Leadership, Institutional Logics, and Fostering Educational Change via Technology

  • Alex Lamb

Using Telepresence Robots to Improve Attendance in PreK-20 Education

Digital Discussant

  • Anika Anthony