COVID-19: Rethinking Educational Leadership and Decision Making in a Pandemic

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Program and Speakers


A Pandemic of Digital Coloniality in the Borderlands

  • Cynthia Rae Wise
  • Brenda Rubio
  • Ben Serrano
  • Paper

Aspiring Black Women: Leadership Lessons COVID-19 Left Behind for Detroit Educators

  • Simone Brown
  • Rema Reynolds
  • Mia Rollack
  • Dikea Taylor-Santiago
  • Paper

Re/Thinking-Re/Building Educational Leadership in Pandemic Environments:  An Investigation of Principals’/Assistant Principals’ Concerns; Use of Time

Supporting Rational Decision-Making During a Pandemic: Principals’ Plans to Support Teachers’ Data-Use

  • Kimberly Evert
  • Angela Hooser
  • Kevin Scott Krahenbuhl

Digital Discussant

  • Yanira Oliveras-Ortiz